At Sustainable Turf Science, we listen closely to each of our clients and use
sound science to identify and understand the details of your site specifics.
Our goal is to put your turf onto a path of sustainability.

Our Process

Multiple methods can be used based on individual budgets including:
Traditional Soil Testing
Test soil content and balance to identify potential restrictions and/or salinity issues.
Soluble Nutrient Testing
Determine how well your soil is functioning, actual nutrient availability via the water stream and the potential for toxicity and/or salinity issues.
Tissue Testing
Identify nutrient shortfalls or restrictions in actual nutrient uptake.
Determine biological balance and activity of soil and by extension nutrient cycling and thatch degradation.
Irrigation Suitability
Determine water quality and your input to help determine water quantity applied. Illustrate what and how much of each constituent is being contributed to your specific growing medium to allow a more pro-active approach to management preventing the reactive roller coaster of highs and lows.