Sustainable Turf Science, Inc. was started in 2010 with the mission to provide turf managers with advanced technology and improved efficiency of fertilizer applications.


In 2011, Brad Snavely and Dr. Awada began working together and formulating turf specific products, allowing Dr. Awada’s advanced technology, along with specifically designed products for grass, to be available to the turf industry through a new 25,000 square foot state-of-the-art production facility.


Brad Snavely

With almost 35 years in the agricultural and sports turf markets, Brad Snavely has gained the confidence and trust of top 100 golf courses and world renowned sports fields as a consultant.

Brad Snavely is known for his unsurpassed level of customer service, knowledge of soil and water data, and producing comprehensive application protocols that factor in historical analyses, soil structure issues, water quality, upcoming tournaments, cultural practices, and more.


Dr. Salam Awada

Dr. Salam Awada brings over thirty years of experience in the fields of plant nutrition and biological fermentation to the turf grass industry. His research and development team uses bioreactors to grow beneficial yeast, bacteria, and fungi, to harvest their metabolites, extracts, and byproducts.

Dr. Awada holds worldwide patents on the use of biological surfactants to solubilize, complex and chelate minerals and nutrients essential for the growth and propagation of biology and plants.


Sustainable Turf Science, Inc.

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