Sili-Kick is the result of many years of stability testing to make a bio-available silicon-based product that can be easily tank mixed with other fertilizer materials. This product boasts three (3) different sources of silicon and is buffered to a pH of 4.4, allowing tank mixing with everything from phosphate to calcium-based formulations, including raw source materials! STS implements our proprietary digestion process, the product is then stabilized and remains available so low use rates will yield all the benefits associated with Si such as stimu­lating plant defense mechanisms, improving rigidity, displacing sodium to create a healthier, happy plant while reducing a biotic stress.


  • • Three (3) sources of stabilized Silicon provide a versatile product that remains bio available.
  • • Can be easily tank mixed with other fertilizers so stand-alone applications of Si are no longer required.
  • • Low use rates exceed the results of other high analysis Silicon products due to availability.
  • • Pre-Tournament applications using Pure K+ and Sili-Kick have yielded rave reviews for rigidity and speed.
  • • Silicon strengthens the cell wall of plants, giving the leaf blade strength and rigidity.
  • • 0.5% Nitrogen derived from Amino Acids.

Product Highlights

  • - Three sources of plant available Silicon
  • - Buffered to a pH of 4.4.
  • - Compatible with other fertilizer materials
  • - Stimulates plant defense mechanisms.
  • - Improves turf rigidity and cut quality.
  • - Routine apps will help displace sodium.
  • - High availability allows Low Use Rates!