STS Green + ER

STS Green+ER is a custom formulated natural pigment based additive for turf grass that uses the highest quality organic components and has been engineered to restore and replace natural color loss due to dormancy, stress, drought, wear, etc..  This product can be used any time of the year.


When using large volume containers be sure to stir and/or circulate product prior to adding to the spray tank. Always perform a compatibility test with first time formulations to ensure compatibility with other products contained in the mix. Spray Tank should be at least 85% full prior to adding Green+ER. Agitation should be on prior to the addition of Green+ER, and maintained for a minimum of 5 minutes to thoroughly mix. Do not spray on non turf areas as staining will occur.

  • Weight/Gal (Lbs): 26.27
  • Weight/Gal (Kgs): 11.92