STS Huma Rich

$T$ Huma Rich is the most comprehensive carbon-based root zone optimizer available! This product contains almost 94% Carbon in various forms. The primary carbon is derived from organic biomass biochar that utilizes engineered biocarbon™ technology that resists breaking down over time, even when using abrasive practices to drag into aerification holes, boasting a 1 /2 life of 500 years. The hardness and integrity of this product will help with air pore space, water retention capabilities, offers net negative and net positive charged exchange sites for nutrient retention and is perfect for housing the microbial community. Other forms of carbon include a Humate Soil Conditioner, High Humic Acid content Leonardite fortified with 75 colloidal minerals while yet another source contains pre-digested humic and fulvic acids with a diverse microbial inoculant. Years of research and development has yielded an elite product with sixteen (16) different ingredients, properly blended and balanced to optimize carbon, nutrients, air pore space, water holding capacity and beneficial microbial activity to ensure prolific plant color, health, and vigor. $T$ Huma Rich contains NO manures or high salt index products.


  • • pH Neutral Engineered Biocarbon™ Technology increases soil porosity, improves the CEC, enhances ion exchange, nutrient, and water retention.
  • • Humate Soil Conditioner and Pre-Digested Humic and Fulvic to buffer salts and feed Microbes
  • • Balance of ALL Essential Nutrients+ 75 Colloidal Minerals to Improve Nutrient Efficiency
  • • Diverse Microbial lnoculant with Bacteria, Fungi, Actinomycetes and Protozoa.
  • • Enhances seed germination and establishment - Great in divot mix.
  • • Improves Drought Tolerance - Ideal to use when relying on poor water quality.

Product Highlights

  • • Improve and Maintain Soil Air Pore Space
  • • Improves Rooting Potential
  • ■ Contains a Balanced Nutrient Package
  • ■ Diverse Microbial Package
  • ■ Microbial Food Sources
  • ■ Kelp Meal / Yucca
  • ■ No Manures
  • ■ Neutral pH
  • ■ Net Negative and Net Positive charged exchange sites.